If you have a tenant you need evicted, the process is not as simple as saying so. Under the Landlord-Tenant Acts (Residential and/orCommercial), tenants have rights and obligations, and because an eviction is, by definition, depriving someone of a place to live, or depriving a business of its workplace, there are many procedural due process requirements which can be challenging to navigate for a non-attorney. With a skilled attorney, the process can be done in as little as a month. Without an attorney, the process could take several months, or even years.

The City of Seattle has its own ordinances regarding evictions, and they are much stricter than the State’s. For instance, only certain recognized grounds for eviction are honored in Seattle, meaning that an eviction attempt for an unapproved reason could subject the landlord to liability, in the form of a countersuit or court sanctions. An attorney can help you through the process, saving you time and money, and restoring your property to your control.