• Lauber Dancey, PLLC is employed to represent Client and will be paid as follows:

  • Advanced Flat Fee- Traffic Infraction

    Price Quoted: $300

    Client agrees to pay Lauber Dancey, PLLC (Firm) the above stated fee. The fee collected for representation in a traffic infraction case is a flat attorney fee that covers all legal work required to represent Client at all district or municipal court contested hearing. The fee does not include any fines, settlement costs, or court costs, and it does not include appeals.

    Upon receipt of all or any portion of the flat fee, the funds are the property of Attorney and will not be placed in a trust account. The fact that Client has paid a flat fee in advanced does not affect either Attorney’s or Client’s right to terminate the attorney-client relationship. In the even the attorney-client relationship is terminated before the agreed-upon legal services have been completed, Client may, or may not, have a right to a refund of a portion of the fee.

    Client understands that Client is responsible to pay any infraction penalty in full. If an appeal is taken, Client agrees that a separate and new fee agreement will be signed for the handling of the appeal, if the Firm accepts the appeal.

    The Client consents to the Firm associating with an attorney of the Firm’s choosing and at the Firm’s discretion, as needed. Client authorizes the Firm to make a judgment about the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Client grants the Firm full authority to contest, mitigate, settle, and otherwise litigate and resolve the case. The resolution will reflect the legal issues involved, the officer’s testimony, the nature of the prosecutor, and the nature of the judge. The Client understands that the Firm has made no promises regarding the successful resolution of the Client’s defense, and any statements made by the Firm, or the Firm’s employees are merely matters of opinion and do not constitute a guarantee or a warranty of any outcome of the Client’s claim/defense.
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